Fei Liu, Award-winning Jewellery Designer

“In Jo’s time at Fei Liu, she restructured the dynamic of the company and recruited for various roles. Through brand development and sales strategies, she led the team towards the right direction for the brand; whilst implementing her retail and sales expertise she helped develop the brand from the standpoint of a retailer, which brought an edge to her approach.”

Ben S. Roberts, Managing Director, Clogau

“The successful launch of the Compose collection has been largely down to training of which Jo has been the mainstay … we’ve already seen a dramatic increase in staff understanding, motivation and more importantly, on the bottom line.”

Satbir Tamber, Founder Esoteric Luxury

“Working with Jo Henderson has been a wonderful experience for us, she is a very knowledge yet friendly in her approach.  She has a deep understanding of the jewellery market from different perspectives, having both retail and brand management backgrounds. We now have a much clearer and more practical view of the jewellery industry. Jo is helping us in developing our strategic decision-making during a crucial time for the business. Working with Jo is fast-forwarding Esoteric Luxury to become a more relevant, developed and focused brand for the UK jewellery market. Her constructive criticism has been beneficial regarding designs, marketing Esoteric Luxury in the right way to retailers and implemented a financial planning structure within the business. Overall, Jo Henderson can contribute value to any jewellery business, both established or upcoming jewellery brands / designers.”